About Oceanteam Shipping

Oceanteam Shipping is an offshore shipping company. Oceanteam's business is the owning, chartering and managing of Deepwater Offshore Construction Service - and Pipe Lay Vessels and Fast Support Vessels.

In addition, Oceanteam Shipping provides complementary Engineering Services consisting of both Engineering & Design Services and Equipment to support our clients. 

With the inhouse experience and expertise we ensure that our Clients contracts the most effective vessel solution for their projects. We can provide pro-active assistance and give support on every aspect of the fleet we manage. This includes both operational- and technical support.

Oceanteam Shipping operates on a global basis where we serve three markets:
-oil and gas
-offshore renewables
-high voltage submarine power interconnectors

Oceanteam Shipping has achieved certification to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards for quality, environmental, and health & safety management and is fully registered as a supplier on the FPAL database for the oil & gas industry.



Tveiterasveien 12
5232 Paradis
Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47.551 08 240