Cable Storage Solution – Barge equipped with 5300t turntable

Oceanteam Solutions in cooperation with Blue Offshore would like to introduce to you our cable storage solution. This solution has multiple advantages compared to typical onshore setups. 
Our barge and turntable solution is readily mobile and can be conveniently located along client’s quayside, thereby removing onshore space requirements. The entire spread and stored cable can be shifted to more suitable locations for loadout to cable lay vessels that may be outside the depth or size limitations at the client quayside. We are also able to provide experienced cable handling crew and project management, as well as cable rollers, chutes and tensioners to suit any required deck configurations. The total cable weight capacity or volume can be increased with the addition of an Oceanteam Solutions 2000t turntable. The entire spread is fully mobilised and available for operations.

Please find attached spec sheet of the barge and turntable (click on "Download") and in the video below you can witness a cable loadout performed for one of our clients, which is one of the services we can offer additional to the cable storage.

If you would like to receive additional information or have an enquiry please contact us by email: