Mandatory notification of trade

Dec 18 2019
Corinvest B.V, a company controlled by chairman and primary insider of Oceanteam ASA (the "Company"), Mr. Keesjan Cordia, has on 17 December 2019 transferred 788 shares in the Company free of payment.
The background for the transfer is the resolution in the extraordinary general meeting of the Company held on 10 September 2019 to implement a reverse share split in the ratio 23:1. In accordance with the resolution, 23 old shares have been consolidated into one new share with a nominal value of NOK 5.75. Shareholders that, at the implementation of the reverse split, did not own a number of shares that can be divided by 23, have had their number of shares rounded up to the nearest whole share free of charge.
Corinvest B.V has transferred 788 of its shares in the Company free of payment in order to contribute to the rounding off of all fractional shares as described above.
Following the transfer, Corinvest B.V. holds 6,590,517 shares in Oceanteam.
For more info please contact: Henk Hazenoot, Interim Chief Financial Officer. Telephone +31 20 535 75 70.
This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 4-2 and 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.