Oceanteam Solutions secured multiple contract extensions for its cable lay spread and cable storage

Dec 20 2018
Oceanteam is pleased to announce a contract extension for two of its turntables well into 2019 with potential to extend beyond this firm period. With this contract Oceanteam Solutions’ 2000t and 4000t turntable will enter its third year of hire and reflects the cooperative partnership the two companies have had over the past years. The company additionally succeeded to extend one of its cable storage and handling contracts. These multiple extensions confirm Oceanteam’s excellent and pragmatic approach going forward in this expanding and promising cable market.
In 2015, Oceanteam Solutions supplied to this client under a previous contract a lay spread consisting of a 4000t demountable turntable and loading tower with a built-in tensioner. This equipment has shown excellent operational functionality on a two-year cable installation project. In 2017, on basis of this prior project, Oceanteam Solutions was requested by the client for the provision of additional equipment and services consisting of a 2000t demountable turntable, two 10t tensioners and operators. This enlarged cable lay spread has been utilised to conduct installation works in the North Sea and Baltic Sea area to date.
In 2017, Oceanteam Solutions was awarded a contract to supply its client with port facilities, loadouts and storage of cables at the company’s own cable storage facility in Velsen Noord, the Netherlands. For this long-term storage project Oceanteam Solutions delivered two demountable carousels of which one had been upgraded and customised from 4000t to 5300t, according to the client’s cable specifications. Oceanteam also provides experienced cable handling crew.
“We’ve had a great working relationship for years and are proud to continue supporting our clients on their future projects. They have again placed confidence in our equipment, primarily because Oceanteam Solutions provides quality of service, availability of specialist assets and an experienced and flexible cable crew, thereby minimising any downtime” says Lars van ‘t Kruijs, Managing Director of Oceanteam Solutions.

About Oceanteam Solutions

Over the years Oceanteam Solutions has built up a broad client base worldwide, to which the company successfully rents out equipment, supports its client’s offshore cable laying, on- and offshore cable storage on its storage facility, cable handling and facilitates cable transport projects.

About Oceanteam ASA
The Company is comprised of two operating segments, Oceanteam Shipping and Oceanteam Solutions. Oceanteam Shipping owns, charters and manages deep-water offshore support vessels and fast support vessels. Oceanteam Solutions' focus is to provide its clients with complete offshore solutions. Oceanteam ASA has been active in the industry as an offshore solutions provider for over twelve years.
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