A vote of confidence in Oceanteam paves way for the future

On Friday the 30th of November 2018, during an Extraordinary General Meeting in Bergen Norway, shareholders accepted the resolutions in which the Company is allowed to issue additional shares to convert its remaining bonds into shares and, secondly, authorizing the Board to issue new shares in order to support the growth ambitions of the Company.
The new CEO, Leidus Bosman quotes: “We are delighted that both bondholders and shareholders are aligned, taking a long term strategic view and have given us the support in our ambition to move forward. We view the acceptance of the conversion at the agreed price a vote of confidence in the future of Oceanteam. Through the conversion the Company has strengthened its balance sheet with a minimum of debt (shareholder loans only). The additional mandate provides the revitalized OceanTEAM sufficient power to undertake new opportunities on the short term.”