Construction Ain Dubai in full swing

The construction of world's largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, proceeds according to schedule. Under subsidiary KCI's project management, the local fabrication of all components has now been completed. The so-called 'A-frame' (legs and hub & spindle) is already installed.
Currently, the installation of the rim (the wheel itself) is in full swing. Five out of eight rim segments have already been installed, as well as a major part of the spoke cables. After installation of all rim segments, the remaining spoke cables will follow. By then, all temporary steel structures will be disassembled.
When the installation of the rim is completed and all temporary steel has been removed, the construction team will start with the installation of the capsules. The fabrication of the capsules is currently ongoing.
Engineering team on site
In Dubai, KCI is responsible for both the project engineering and the construction supervision of the observation wheel. KCI has a dedicated engineering team on site, that can find immediate solutions for any problem occurring during the construction phase.
Before Ain Dubai, KCI has been involved in the design of six wheels. With 260 meters in size, Ain Dubai will be the largest observation wheel in the world.
Read more about the challenging construction of Ain Dubai in this interview with KCI’s managing director: Marc Groenendijk.