Europe’s renewable energy mainly comes from wind

Renewable energy accounted for 6.7% of worldwide electricity generation in 2015, aggregated at just over 24,000 terawatt-hours. More important: the proportion that comes from wind, geothermal, solar, biomass and waste is growing fast. Alone in 2015 it increased by 213 terawatt-hours, roughly equivalent to the total increase in global power generated. And in Europe it is wind turbines that dominate the scenery, The Economist's data team recently concluded. 
Europe accounts for two-fifths of global renewable-energy generation, and most of it origins from wind turbines. Especially countries that can benefit of the prevailing weather from the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are investing heavily in giant propeller turbines, most often offshore. Germany is leading the way, The Economist writes. With an increase of power generated from wind turbines of 53.4% in the past year, half of Germany’s renewable energy now comes from wind.
Given the plummeting installation costs and the rising energy efficiency of the next generation propeller turbines, Oceanteam CEO Haico Halbesma predicts a strong further growth of the offshore wind market – and not only in Europe. “We are more than ready for this development”, Halbesma says. “Through our close co-operation with subsidiary KCI, we can provide both existing and new players with a complete package of renewables engineering and consultancy services, together with specialised marine equipment and cable handling expertise.”
Oceanteam offers solutions for cable transport, handling and storage specifically tailored for wind energy projects and KCI can assist offshore wind developers and EPIC contactors during field development.