Growing demand for offshore wind power solutions in Europe

Oceanteam Solutions (OTS) not only has achieved excellent results in 2016, the future for the company looks promising too. OTS is currently receiving an above average number of RFQ’s (Request for Quotation) for equipment rental contracts. According to Oceanteam Solution’s managing director Lex van Doorn, European offshore wind power projects in particular will be a major growth driver in the coming years.
Nowadays, almost all European Member States focus on sustainable energy, with Germany in pole position. Good news for the cable laying, transportation and storage business: offshore wind power is leading in most energy-saving strategies. Van Doorn: "We expect 2017 to be a bit of a gap year, but in the following years offshore wind projects will be booming. We already see this in the number of RFQ’s for 2018.”
Oceanteam Solutions is a dominant supplier in equipment rental for offshore wind projects, thanks to extremely competitive pricing and a wide range of modular systems. "That makes us an attractive business partner in this industry”, says Van Doorn. “In addition, our location with deep-water base in Velsen knows very few restrictions and offers us complete flexibility. That is very beneficial to our clients.”
Operational excellence
Van Doorn expects the renewable energy market in Asia to eventually show an upward trend too. “Although we have high expectations for the Asian renewables market, momentarily the European market shows a remarkable movement. Anyway, in 2017 we are going to prepare our organisation for the challenges over the period 2018 to 2020, with operational excellence as a continuous driver.”
Asked if this also may lead to additional investments, Van Doorn answers: “Perhaps, if market demand justifies it. But we will not take irresponsible risks. We perform extremely well at the moment, with almost all of our equipment in use. That is a business model you don’t want to jeopardise. In short, we will continue to monitor the markets closely.”
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