KCI and Oceanteam Solutions start cooperation with OFFCO to enter the Chinese market

Haico Halbesma, CEO of Oceanteam ASA, Jan Willem van Bloois, Director Sales & Marketing of KCI the Engineers and Jan Rooswinkel, General Manager of OFFCO, recently signed a long-term representing and consultancy agreement. The cooperation applies to projects concerning Offshore Wind installations and cable lay operations in China, where Oceanteam Solutions and KCI will take care of the supply of marine equipment and engineering. 
OFFCO is an international company with both Dutch and Chinese partners, enabling it to build the bridge between the Netherlands and China. The firm has a unique track record in Chinese offshore oil and gas and renewables activities, build on a strong local market presence and contacts at all levels with Chinese companies and the Chinese authorities. OFFCO is also well connected with the leading Offshore Wind Energy Developers in China.
According to Van Bloois, the agreement is very promising: “Neither KCI nor Oceanteam has an extensive sales network in China, which is a notoriously difficult market to enter. OFFCO knows the Chinese market and speaks the language. At the same time it is a partner that we have known very well for many years.”
Halbesma adds: “Through Oceanteam’s close co-operation with subsidiary KCI, we can provide OFFCO with a complete package of full design, engineering and consultancy services together with specialised marine equipment and cable handling expertise.”
Thanks to its unique knowledge and engineering skills, KCI can help OFFCO to strengthen its innovative capacity. “We can effectively support OFFCO to develop new ideas and new technologies, so this is really a win-win game”, Mr. van Bloois states.
Currently, Oceanteam Solutions, KCI and OFFCO collaborate on an offer for a major renewable energy project in China.