KCI attends TKI WoZ Match Making day

On February 15, Oceanteam’s subsidiary KCI the Engineers will attend the yearly Match Making day, organised by Dutch knowledge and innovation consortium TKI Wind op Zee (WoZ). TKI WoZ is a Dutch organisation that facilitates collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions and the government in the field of wind energy. The organisation stimulates research, innovation and implementation in the wind energy industry. 
At the Match Making day, KCI will pitch its promising Double Slip Joint concept. The DSJ is a smart alternative to grouted or bolted connections between the transitional piece and monopile for offshore wind turbines. Last year, KCI was awarded with a subsidy from TKI WoZ for the further research & development of the DSJ concept.
The Match Making Day will take place in the Veerensmederij in Amersfoort. The morning programme is for participants only, but anyone with an interest in the subject can attend the afternoon session for free. More information on the Double Slip Joint Concept can be found here