Leadership change at Oceanteam ASA : CEO Halbesma resigns

Amsterdam (the Netherlands), 15 March 2018 - Oceanteam ASA ("OTS", or "Company") announces today that the CEO of the Company Haico Halbesma has decided to step down from his position effective 30 March 2018. The Board has respected his decision but also requested that he will remain available as an advisor to the Company and the Board. 
Mr. Haico Halbesma (47), co-founder and major shareholder of Oceanteam, has been leading the Company since 2005. Halbesma’s decision follows a series of successful financial restructurings over the past years and at the same time ongoing negative publicity regarding the Company’s governance.
“Now the Company is ready to accelerate its performances, Oceanteam needs to enter into quieter waters. It will be much easier for a new leadership to make this happen and secure the future of the Company in the interest of all our stakeholders”, comments Haico Halbesma.
Board member Diederik Legger says: “We respect Haico’s decision and view to create room for change. We are well aware of the challenges and opportunities that the Company faces in today’s dynamic and challenging environment. Oceanteam is a fantastic platform and has a very capable team and the right partners to offer both existing and new clients innovative services and solutions. The Company is now brought into position to turn the corner and build, in the coming period, a sustainable financial structure to weather the pro-longed downturn in the oil and gas market. We truly thank Haico for his hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and energy to challenge tough market conditions and we are grateful that he has agreed to remain on as an advisor.”
Today, the Board has started searching for potential candidates to succeed Mr. Haico Halbesma.