New project manager Travis Malcolm: “It is fantastic to see everyone’s hard work pay off”

We’re happy to introduce you to our newest team member, Travis Malcolm, project manager at Oceanteam Solutions. Four questions about the key responsibilities and the biggest challenges of his job.
1. What are the main responsibilities of a project manager at Oceanteam Solutions? 
“As with most project management jobs, my scope of work covers many areas: From the tender stage through execution and final delivery. I work closely with our administration and operational teams to manage and plan our resources. Further, I account for potential risks or issues and control quality to ensure we execute each phase safely, on time and within budget. Last but not least an important part of the job is to build and maintain a positive relationship with our clients as in the end we all strive for the same outcome.”
2. What were you doing professionally before this job en how did you come in contact with Oceanteam? 
“I was based in Singapore for the previous 4 years, working for an offshore Oil & Gas service provider, predominantly in Contract Management with a strong focus in project execution. My previous employer has had a long working relationship with Oceanteam, so when I moved to Amsterdam with my partner and an opportunity at Oceanteam came up, I felt this would be a great next step in my career.”
3. What is according to you the biggest challenge in your job? 
“Managing our resources across multiple countries, cultures, time zones and environments is probably the biggest challenge. There are many small pieces that need to fit into a complex and often changing puzzle. At the same time one has to maintain the big picture perspective, which is not always easy.”
4. What are you most proud of? 
“Being part of a team that is working toward one goal and accomplishing that goal in a safe and professional manner. It is fantastic to see everyone’s hard work pay off at the end when we deliver a project. We often work in challenging environments and with tight deadlines, but when everyone is working together efficiently it is quite enjoyable!”
5. Could you tell us a little bit more about the Pantos project – how are you involved? 
“This project involves the supply of demountable turntables, auxiliary equipment and professional cable handling crew for the transport of cables from Asia to Europe. I work across all facets, ensuring our resources and crews are available and in position for each phase: from the assembly of our turntables as they arrive in 40ft containers, to loading the cable in Asia and delivery of the cable in Europe. Ultimately, these cables will be installed subsea, connecting offshore wind farms to shore and delivering wind energy. It is very satisfying to see a project such as this through all phases.”