Oceanteam and the flourishing renewables market

According to TIME magazine, over half of the world’s new power capacity in 2015 came from renewable energy sources like wind power. In a report that was published on 25 October this year, the International Energy Agency states that renewables are beating fossil fuels for the first time. Right now, renewables represent 23% of global power generation.
A percentage that is expected to grow to 28% by 2021. According to the report, policy makers will continue to encourage the adoption of renewable power. What is Oceanteam’s role in this very promising market?
As the demand for renewable energy is growing, more and more, large offshore wind farms are popping up. This is where Oceanteam Solutions gets involved. The company is specialised in the design, build and rent of equipment for laying power cables to offshore wind parks and the storage and transport of these cables.
At offshore wind farms, very large and heavy power cables have to be laid in one piece from the wind park to the mainland. At the cable manufacturer, the cables are spooled onto large turntables (carousels), to be transported to cable-laying vessels. Imagine a huge round steel construction that can rotate in various speeds, fixed on a vessel. On a foundation frame a cable basket is mounted, able to load cables of different lengths, diameters and types. Oceanteam rents out turntables with a modular design that can be built on an existing vessel or on the quayside, and can be adapted in diameter to the size of the vessel and the weight of the cable.

Besides modular turntables, Oceanteam owns various loading towers (a tower that is designed for loading and deploying cables) and tensioners for the installation, transportation and storage of power cables. These tensioners make sure that force is applied allowing uninterrupted tensioning of the cable during deepwater installation or when the cable needs to be spooled onto the turntable. Also, the company supplies different sizes of storage reels with drive systems that can handle up to 500t of cables.
Engineering services
However, hiring out equipment is not the only thing that keeps Oceanteam busy in the wind energy market. Oceanteam’s subsidiary KCI the Engineers assists offshore wind developers during field development. The company offers consultancy and engineering services including the design of foundations, cables, met masts and substations. KCI consults clients during the complete life cycle of an offshore wind farm from first concept to decommissioning or life time extension.
KCI has been involved in the design of over 15 offshore wind farms in northwestern Europe. Recently, the company was awarded a contract to further develop the basic engineering of the structural steel design of MonoBaseWind, a new way to install a gravity base of a wind turbine.
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