Oceanteam ASA informs bondholders of the deferral of interest payment on senior bond

Following initial talks with banks last week kicking off the Company’s planned capital restructuring, Oceanteam ASA will personally inform its bondholders as from 24 October 2016 that it will not meet its interest payments on the Senior unsecured Bond due that same date. 
As part of the financial restructuring that was announced October 20th 2016, Oceanteam has already entered into dialogues with its banks and largest bondholders. The Company will continue this process with all its bondholders with the aim of establishing a revised capital structure and cost of capital supporting the long term growth of Oceanteam.

“The deferral of the Company’s interest payments is the immediate result of our short term cash position that has been depleted by reduced rates and costs related to the recent extensions of vessel contracts of CSV Bourbon Oceanteam 101 and CSV Southern Ocean and SPS for CSV Bourbon Oceanteam 101”, says Wilhelm Bøhn, CFO of Oceanteam. “Due to these events we are enduring unexpected delays in the first payments on charter hires on the above mentioned contracts and are not in a position to meet the interest payment obligations that are due on 24 October 2016 according to  Bond Agreement.”

The Company is currently reviewing all alternatives available given the current market conditions. “We are aiming to continue our constructive dialogue with our banks and bondholders alike. We invite all bondholders who hitherto may not have had direct communication with the Company to contact us”, says Bøhn.

Oceanteam ASA will detail its capital restructuring plan as in near future.
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