Oceanteam Solutions – successfully delivered cable lay spread

After a successful mobilisation of the spread in Poland, which included a 4000t demountable turntable and loading tower with built-in tensioner, the cable lay barge took off to Germany for start of the cabling project.
Oceanteam Solutions’ turntable series are designed for quick mobilisation. All system components are “plug and play” and interchangeable. The 4000t turntable and auxiliary equipment were delivered to the mobilisation site by trucks with subsequently the buildup of the turntable and loading tower on the quayside by our own technical crew. By doing so, the company generated significant cost benefits for their client.
In addition to the lay spread contract, the company also entered into a framework agreement to supply their client future equipment, transport and storage solutions, making Oceanteam Solutions their main partner and supplier of offshore cable laying and onshore storage.

About Oceanteam Solutions
Oceanteam Solutions focuses on solution driven offshore services by combining strong engineering and equipment capabilities. This way it can support its clients’ offshore cable, pipeline and umbilical installations, transport and storage projects in the most beneficial way. Oceanteam Solutions operates according the following standards: ISO 90001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.