Oceanteam successfully performs two cable load-outs

Last year, Oceanteam Solutions (OTS) won a contract for the engineering and supply of a 4000T and a 2000T turntable to accommodate the storage and multiple load-outs of subsea cables. OTS executed the first cable load-out in December, followed by the second in February. OTS expects the project to be completed by the end of this month.  
In December, Oceanteam spooled a cable from a barge based turntable to the OTS 4000T turntable on the quay. This is a complex operation undertaken on a 24/7 basis. OTS was responsible for the supply of all quayside equipment (turntables, tensioners, quadrants, cable highways and a custom built splicing tent) as well as qualified supervisors and equipment operators to manage the operation, assisted by ‘spoolers’ that accompany the cables into the turntable.
Last month, OTS successfully performed a similar load-out for the same client, this time into a 2000T turntable. At the moment, both cables are being connected (spliced) by spooling the cable ends into a splicing tent. After splicing, the combined cable will be spooled onto the 4000T turntable and thereafter onto the cable laying ship. After that, the cable is ready to be laid on the seabed. 

Complex procedures
Lex van Doorn, managing director Oceanteam Solutions: “The process of cable handling, load-outs and splicing may sound like an easy job, but in fact it consists of a series of very complex and time consuming procedures. We are very happy that we managed to perform both load-outs successfully and are looking forward to complete this project by the end of the month.”