Solutions extends cable storage contract with one of Europe’s biggest cable manufacturer

In 2017, Oceanteam Solutions was awarded a long-term contract to supply its client with port facilities, loadouts and storage of cables at Oceanteam’s own cable storage facility in Velsen Noord, The Netherlands. The 4-months extension follows a smooth cable transpooling from the client’s cable lay vessel to Oceanteam’s own cable storage carousels and a successful first year of storage.
For this long-term storage project, Oceanteam delivered two demountable carousels of which one has been upgraded and customised from 4000t to 5300t, according to the client’s cable specifications. Oceanteam also provides experienced cable handling crew.
Our cable storage facility is situated immediately behind the North Sea locks of IJmuiden, in the direct proximity of Amsterdam. The harbour is only 1.5 NM inward from sea and berths are safe and free of tidal movement. Another major benefit of the area is the easy accessibility for all modalities, such as good shipping possibilities to the inlands of Europe. Cable storage units (static tanks, turntables, cable baskets, reels) can be placed at every desired position and in every size.