Solutions extends storage contract of 100+ kilometres subsea cable for one of its premier clients

The extension follows a successful two and a half years of storage of client’s subsea cables in Oceanteam Solutions' 5300Te carousel at its cable storage facility in Velsen, the Netherlands. With this extension the contract will run well into 2020 with possible further extension options. 
The company also provides long-term cable storage in its 1100Te carousel to this client, one of Europe’s biggest cable manufacturers. The contract covers port facilities, cable storage and handling by Oceanteam Solutions’ experienced cable handling crew.

Oceanteam Solutions is the world’s largest independent offshore wind solutions provider. With currently six carousels, loading towers and other ancillary equipment, the company executes short- and long-haul cable transport services, cable logistics and cable handling solutions on a global basis. At its deepwater base in Velsen, the Netherlands, Oceanteam Solutions conducts mobilisation and demobilisation activities, provides long-term and short-term cable storage capacity and acts as a cable hub in a strategic location. The company further facilitates the offshore wind contractors and developers with cable lay equipment.

Oceanteam Solutions’ pool of experienced staff, equipment and engineering capabilities is Lloyd’s ISO certified.