Westermeerwind project completed

KCI & Oceanteam Solutions cooperate successfully in design & build contract

The installation of cables for the near-shore Westermeerwind farm has been completed. KCI and Oceanteam Solutions successfully cooperated on a design and build contract for the loading portal and power quadrant.
Westermeerwind farm is being developed in the waters of the IJsselmeer along the dykes of the Noordoostpolder region, one of the windiest locations in the Netherlands. The wind farm will comprise 48 3MW wind turbines arranged in two rows along the Westermeer dyke and one row along the Noordermeer dyke. The wind farm will generate around 144MW of power, sufficient for approximately 160,000 households.
The project is special in that it was set up by two residents and  no big utilities are involved. All those living in the area were able to buy shares in the wind farm under favourable conditions. The Westermeerwind farm is part of the largest near-shore wind farm in the Netherlands.
The contract to build the turbine was won by VBMS, a joint venture between Royal Boskalis and Volker Wessels. KCI and Oceanteam Solutions designed and built the loading tower and power quadrant. As the Westermeerwind farm is located near-shore in shallow waters, a big installation vessel was not an option. Instead, KCI and Oceanteam Solutions designed the equipment for installation on a barge. The loading portal can move over the barge and pull cables out of four static tanks. KCI designed the cable lay system from scratch. It was built under supervision of Oceanteam Solutions at VDR (Van Dijk Ruijgrok) in Anna Paulowna in the province of Noord-Holland.