Oceanteam ASA: Notification of Departure of CEO

Jul 08 2021
Further to the divestment of the shipping assets of Oceanteam ASA (“Oceanteam” or the “Company”) active in the oil & gas segment, CEO Henk van den IJssel has decided to step down from his current position effective 1 August 2021.
Henk van den IJssel: “With my background in the offshore oil & gas construction business, one of my main tasks was the management and divestment of the shipping activities thereby paving the way for a different future for Oceanteam. These tasks have now been successfully accomplished and this therefore is a natural moment to leave the Company. I wish the Company nothing but the best in pursuing its new strategic objectives”.
The Board is appreciative of the efforts of Mr. van den IJssel and has initiated a recruitment process to find a suitable candidate to succeed Mr. van den IJssel.
About Oceanteam

Oceanteam is an independent offshore cable-solutions provider. With a large asset-base of carousels, loading towers, tensioners and other ancillary equipment as well as a large team of competent cable handling crew, the company supports the marine cable industry with a variety of services such as short- and long-haul cable transport, cable storage, cable logistics and cable handling solutions on a global basis. Oceanteam’s deepwater base in Velsen, the Netherlands, is a strategically placed cable-hub where the company  conducts mobilisation and demobilisation activities, provides long- and short-term cable storage capacity and facilitates the offshore renewables sector with integrated cable handling solutions. Oceanteam is Lloyd’s ISO certified.
For further information about Oceanteam ASA please visit or contact:
Hans Reinigert
Board Member
Oceanteam ASA
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