Solutions extends subsea cable storage contract with one of Europe’s biggest cable manufacturers

Jul 02 2019
The 6-months extension plus two times 3 months options follows a successful two years of cable storage in Oceanteam’s 1100t carousel at its cable storage facility in Velsen, the Netherlands. This extension is part of a contract that also includes long-term storage of client’s subsea cables in Oceanteam’s 5300t carousel.
In 2017, Oceanteam Solutions was awarded a contract to supply its client with port facilities, loadouts and storage of subsea cables at company’s own cable storage facility in Velsen, the Netherlands. Oceanteam Solutions also provides experienced cable handling crew.
“We are proud to continue supporting our client by storing their valuable assets at our strategically located and secured deepwater base, from which we can offer a full service package consisting of cable storage, cable handling and cable transport.” says Lars van ‘t Kruijs, of Oceanteam Solutions.

Oceanteam’s cable storage facility is situated at the North Sea port of IJmuiden (NL), with North Sea wind farms right on its doorstep and in the direct proximity of Amsterdam. The harbour is only 1.5 NM inward from sea and berths are safe and free of tidal movement. The facility, with both outdoor and indoor storage, is a fenced in compound under surveillance and benefits from Oceanteam’s vast network of skilled cable handling crew and has most specialist cable transfer, storage and installation equipment readily available.
About Oceanteam ASA

The Company is transforming itself into an investment platform for subsea services. Currently, Oceanteam is comprised of two operating segments, Oceanteam Shipping and Oceanteam Solutions. Oceanteam Shipping owns, charters and manages deep-water construction support vessels and fast support vessels. Oceanteam Solutions is a service provider to the renewable and oil and gas industry with the supply of rental equipment for the transportation, storage and handling of subsea cables. Oceanteam has been active in the industry as an offshore solutions provider for over twelve years.

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